*ketuk pintu*


like a bunch of balloons, we used to be tied together and when the time comes, we scattered to different places.
fate, when they bumped into each other.
also fate, when they cant see each other anymore.

I, wina, have always wanted to be the old me.
the 'me' when my second home was mrsm.
no, not the mrsm-me but surrounded by fun friends-me.
the childish 'me' yang would update every little unnecessary things on this blog.
the 'me' who would never listens to other people talking bad about this blog.
the 'me' who never really cares about studying because she has been surrounded with great friends.
she always wanted to enjoy life, and study isnt on the list.

duhhhh, too many memories.
too many cringeworthy posts.
too many flashbacks going on here.
well, i am truly happy to see everyone is doing well out there.
deal with the cruel world too.
nobody forgets nobody here.

semua dah cantik, semua dah hensem.
semua dah matang, semua dah rational.
sorry that i am so bad in keeping in touch with everyone.
sorry that i forgot about this blog existence.
sorry that i acted like 10th genesis never happened.
sorry for everything but i hope everyone understand.

kahwin jemput.